Oral Presentation Guidelines

The Symposium program has been posted here.

The Symposium venue has audio and video capabilities for the presenters. HDMI and VGA connections in addition to audio playback are available at the symposium venue.

Each speaker is expected to bring their own laptop for making the presentation.

Each Poster presenter will be alloted 2 minute during the Rapid-fire poster presentation session to make the pitch for their poster on the first day of the symposium.

Each Oral presentation will be for at most 15 minutes: 13 minutes of presentation + 2 minutes for Q&A. The session chair will introduce you by name and affiliation. Your 15 minute slot includes speaker transition, chair's introduction, your talk and the time for questions.

Each Semi-plenary presentation will be for 30 minutes including Q&A.

Each Keynote presentation will be for 45 minutes including Q&A.